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Corporate Housing for Events & Markets - Hotels, Apartments & Villas

Book a private retreat for your next business trip with us today.  Staying in a private residence is can an entirely different experience for your next business trip.  The offer incredible amenities, great locations, and a more comfortable, home-like and local feel.

Corporate rentals are perfect for group business travel because they naturally create a more collaborative work environment through separate locations and common living areas.  As a group, business travelers can bond over dinners cooked together in the kitchen or happy hours on a rooftop terrace,

Moreover, companies have the possibility to entertain or host clients during the trip, whether it be business partners, clients, family, or friends.

Finally, corporate rentals are also a good option for business travelers who want to extend their business trip into a personal or family vacation.

The following are 8 reasons why you should book a private property with us:

• Safe and secure booking process
• 24 hour fast, reliable customer service from booking to checkout
• Better for your team to work & entertain together vs. a hotel room
• Intimate knowledge of each property and of the area
• Short walking distance to the Exhibition Centers.
• 50 + properties to select from for a range of budgets
• Provide a variety of optional concierge services
• Altogether, a greater value.